We Love Paris!

We take a trip, we prepare, we check out, and afterwards we return and we create everything about it for you. Go Away Paris blog is a blog dedicated to all the travel junkies and backpackers out there. Take it from a guy that lived in the world’s most beautiful city, Paris. One day, he (me) decided that he hasn’t seen enough of the world, and off we go, go away Paris hello world!

Bye Bye Paris

Welcome to my private/travel blog. I have actually been lucky with a lot of chances to see much of Paris and I admit that I love the place, but my love for traveling is bigger. My passion has constantly had to do with the whole lot of travel excitement and experience. Having this blog while taking a trip around the world is somewhat a journal of experience that I had to share to all travelers and readers because for me, this was really living life. I have had numerous trips and interesting plans and strategies to blog all about them,  and i’m looking forward sharing this to all of you. Thanks a lot for your passion in my blog.