The Lotto Dominator Review – Is it True or a Scam?

In this Lotto Dominator review, we will be checking if this program lives up to its promises of making people win the lottery. In addition, we’ll also see if the instructions on it are effective and if it’s worth your time and money.

Who amongst us doesn’t want to win the lottery? It’s everybody’s dream. It can provide the financial freedom and network we’re yearning for. Nevertheless, winning is not that easy and the chances are too low. As a matter of fact, nobody really knows the formula to hit it.

People, especially “lotto addicts,” tend to resort to some statistical methods to get a hold of winning numbers and combinations. One of which is the Lotto Dominator.

What is the Lotto Dominator?

This is a method launched by the renowned Richard Lustig, who happens to have clinched the jackpot lottery not just once, but seven times. In addition to that, he also won 23 other small lotteries. Who wouldn’t believe a man who has proven that he isn’t just being lucky? He exposed his winning secret through this so-called Lotto Dominator which is a set of formulas which propel higher chances of winning.

The Lotto Dominator is a method, program, a course guide, or basically assistance to heighten one’s chances of foretelling the winning lottery number combination accurately.

Winning, according to Lustig, is not just based on pure luck; there is a system and a rule. He discloses such formulas that he came up with and he’s willing to hand it out to other people. He also asserts that upon finishing the eBook yourself you’ll be able to gain knowledge on how to enhance probabilities of getting the right winning numbers.

How much is the Lotto Dominator package?

Unfortunately, Lustig is not giving the formula for free. It’s priced at $49 and you’ll be getting a ton of knowledge and information about probability. Imagine winning the lottery with this small investment; although you might need time, effort, and creativity, everything is still worth it if it’s successful.

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A brief history of the Lotto Dominator

At first, the people questioned Lustig and his formula was put into doubt. They were asking – why give different people a chance to win? He also keeps on changing its name time after time. According to some speculations, he kept on changing its name to get away from ample depressing Lotto Dominator reviews. First it was named Lotto Winning University, then after a while, it was changed to Lotto Crusher, and currently, it is the Lotto Dominator.

The whole course includes extraction of giving meanings to a variety of lotto results plus dialogues and discussions from prior successful lottery winners. After gathering all the needed information, he formed the winning formula using lotto outline and mathematical probability theories as his points of interests.

Is the Lotto Dominator a scam or is it genuine? Here’s what we found out…

To some who purchased the eBook, they thought that it was just nothing but complete ridiculousness. They even said there were no formulas given, just mere suggestions and active talks. They also assume that it was a normal way how the rich guaranteed people immediate money from those who want to earn then realize afterward that they have been swindled.

They say that the program isn’t reliable enough and it does not work 100 percent. It was also discovered that this course can only be obtained from a certain platform wherein online marketers get commissions when they sell certain products, this is called ClickBank.

On the contrary, there are some people who made Lotto Dominator reviews which are interesting. They talk about how the program is meant to be legit after learning that it involves formulas and that the creator won it seven times.

According to them, this one is very extraordinary and very dependable. Another statement was that if it was fake, the creator won’t be appearing on numerous TV shows, spreading the word about his product. Lustig even managed to post compelling photos of himself with television celebrities with his product. Some claims that those photos were fake and were edited to make people believe it.

But did actual people win the lottery?

People around the world sent their approval concerning this book. One of the most noticeable is the one who declared his winning moments and that he got $9.09 million jackpot. According to this person, he was able to learn by heart the techniques from the Lotto Dominator book that Lustig created.

There are others who shared their testimonial about the book being a probability and statistics lesson. It might not make them rich through the lottery but at least they know about probability and chances.

Highlighted features of the Lotto Dominator:

  • Included in this course is the software that will help keep track of the winning numbers.
  • From these tracks, the winning number combinations will be forecasted based on the probability theory.
  • The Lotto Dominator also appears with an integrated task which examines the winning numbers of the previous lottery winners methodically.

About the author – Who is Richard Lustig?

Richard Lustig, in fact, is a former singer and drummer. He is a family man from Florida and he is the first and the only person to win seven lottery jackpots in the world. Having said so, his success story has caught the curiosity of many people. His encounters are fairy-tale-like and his achievements in winning multiple prizes in the lottery were even featured in various television shows like Good Morning America, The New York Post, Fox, MSNBC and the CNN.


To become wealthy is everybody’s dream. Winning the lottery would take a sheer amount of luck and frustrations. Although the Lotto Dominator promises millions of dollars, a lottery is still a lottery and it is kind of mathematically impossible to predict what number will be generated.

One thing we need to think of is that why does he keep on changing the name after bad Lotto Dominator reviews? If he has his millions, he would be somewhere, vacationing. I’m not saying that the program is fake because it can give you lessons in statistics and probability but it does not clearly provide what it promises.

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