Silencis Pro Scam

Silencis Pro is a dietary supplement which is meant to address the root cause of Tinnitus, or “ear-ringing”. This condition affects over 45 million Americans and many more millions of people worldwide.

Their recent discovery stems from the fact Tinnitus is formed in the brain as “an alarm” which sets off when the brain is not getting enough antioxidants to stop the free radicals from triggering a neurotoxic state; this in turn, can lead to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, mood swings, etc.

Their claims all check out and are backed up by solid research and the product itself does seem to be focused on high-quality ingredients, 0 fillers and a reliable and fast support system for their community members.

We also appreciated the fair point they made about bioavailability and ingredient cost… Few producers bring this up because it wouldn’t be wise to point out that some of their products may be sourced from low-quality ingredients or, they may be produced or extracted in labs with a doubtable background and technology.

Keep reading to find out if Silencis Pro is a scam or not, what they’re charging, any other fees you may expect as well as the known side-effects of the supplement.

Is Silencis Pro a hoax?

Despite it being a new release on the market, mixed reviews already started popping up, from people claiming that it won’t work to those saying all this company wants is money.

Our opinion on this? We like to consider objectiveness when reviewing products… so, people saying something won’t work because they’ve tried a pill a doctor gave them once, we won’t consider as substantiated evidence. We’re talking about alternative medicine and a new outlook on the entire cause. This is something worth looking into, from our point of view.

Silencis Pro cost

The product is sold under 3 different packages:

  • The Basic one involved a one-time only payment, for one month’s supply (60 pills/bottle) for $69.00.
  • The Standard package includes 3 month’s supply, at $59.00/bottle.
  • The Premium package which offers a 6-month’s supply, for $49.00/bottle.

All the packages are one-time only payment, there are no other hidden charges or fees and all packages have free shipping included.

Silencis Pro side effects

On the website the claim is that there have been absolutely no side effects with the ingredients, but if you know that you have an allergic reaction, it is always best to consult with your doctor before taking any of the pills.

Also, the Silencis Pro customer service team was another factor which made us believe that Silencis Pro supplement itself is not a scam operation. It was an enjoyable experience communicating with them and we didn’t get the feeling that they’re just robots. They were very qualified to answer our medical concerns questions in a timely manner and most importantly, they made us feel they care.

Advice: whether you have a health or allergy concern or a question about your order, we really suggest you reach out to them first. They’ll definitely surprise you!


Is Silencis Pro a fraud?

No. They’ve honored their orders, had no hidden fees or recurring charges, gave us on-time information about the product, ingredients, allergens, pricing and story behind the discovery. This said a lot about their business practice and we’d definitely try out anything else they put out in the future!

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