French Wine For A Flat Belly by Thomas Newman Complete Review 2018


Belly fat is the most stubborn excess fat in the body. You can drop so much weight by strict diet plans and a lot of grueling gym session, but the belly fat could still remain in your body. There are so many weight loss programs out in the market that is meant to target your belly pouch, but it’s rare to find one that actually work. So, in this article, I am going to provide a Flat Belly Revolution: French Wine for a Flat Belly review, which was written by Thomas Newman and I would give you all the information you need to know so you could decide if the French Wine for a Flat Belly is for you.

Product Details

Book Name: French Wine for a Flat Belly

Author: Thomas Newman

Price: Previously $81, it is now discounted at a price of $37!

Where to Buy:

Number of Books Included: 4 books in e-book format

Refund: Money-back guarantee for 60 days

Bonus: 3 bonus e-books

An Overview 

Thomas Newman is an Iraq war veteran, who became a personal weight trainer and weight loss mentor, created this flat belly revolution protocol to help his fat sister become fit, after she was severely bullied.

He found a way to burn excess weight, especially around the belly, using specific natural ingredients coming from French wine and other fruits, and vegetables that can enhance metabolism. He researched all the effective ways to use the said ingredients for every day meal plans that can easily be prepared despite your busy schedule.

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Plus, he also created a timeline of exercises, which do not require any gym equipment, that you can incorporate in your day. However, despite the title of the book, this actually do not use any French wine, instead, it focuses on the type of food with high content of resveratrol and polyphenolic compounds, since these two are the primary ingredients of all French wines.

How does it work?

Most weight loss programs are asking people to cut calories and perform fasting, but many published studies claim such practice is basically a scam, because it actually put the body on conservation mode. It slows down the metabolism and stores more fat because there’s no sustenance. However, the book urges people to eat three to five times a day, in good proportion and avoiding processed foods, because weight loss is only possible by choosing a healthy lifestyle.

The protocol of Flat Belly Revolution also explained that it is hard to shed off excess belly fat because of the two groups of bacteria living in the digestive system, which are responsible for proper metabolism, namely,  Bacteroidetes and firmicutes. Bacteroidetes are responsible for breaking down fats in the gut and essentially liquefying it for energy and excretion, while the m firmicutes are the ones that store fats from the gut to the other parts of the body in order to make energy reserves.

Hence, this is where the polyphenols and resveratrol enter the scene. These two important compounds has high antioxidant capacities and has the ability to prevent the action of firmicutes bacteria while simultaneously increasing the Bacteroidetes level in the gut. Food with high concentration of polyphenols also helps in lowering the blood sugar level, hence, lessening the development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

What are the contents of French Wine for a Flat Belly?

The book has 79 pages divided by 9 chapters:

Chapter 1: Simple scientific explanation about the action of polyphenols and resveratrol against excess fat in the body.

Chapter 2: Guideline on recognizing the best wine to buy and drink with the highest content of polyphenol and resveratrol.

Chapter 3: Discusses all the food and ingredients with the highest concentration of polyphenols and gives recommendations on how to incorporate these food in every day meal plans.

Chapter 4: Explains the health benefits of ellagic acid, how it helps weight loss, and where to find it.

Chapter 5: Top 5 wines with the highest ellagic percentage, where to buy them, and what time of the day it is best to consume them.

Chapter 6: Ellagic acid-rich food and ingredients and how to prepare meals with these food.

Chapter 7: General and insider tips on how to lose weight easier, faster, and safer than other weight loss programs based on scientific findings.

Chapter 8: 30-day diet protocol you can follow and has been proven legit by the author’s sister, including step-by-step process of meal preparation and consumption, and exercises that has overall better health benefits and results.

Chapter 9: Referred to as motivational chapter, it focuses on all the ways you can keep going and the mental health benefits of  following the Flat Belly Revolution protocol plus the legit ways on how to relax and be stress-free.

The 3 Bonuses!

For a price of $37, you would not only get the detailed book of French Wine for a Flat Belly, you would also get additional 3 bonus e-books!

  1. Get Energized: It has a list of the Top 20 most energy-dense foods and the famous plant extract from South Korea and Brazil that can help fight fatigue.
  1. The Sex Drive Stimulator: It contains the list of 18 types of food serving as most effective aphrodisiacs to fight to drop in sex drive while losing weight.
  1. Pilates Power: Losing weight means saggy skin, so this has the most effective Pilates exercises you can do for toning your body.

Main Lessons from Flat Belly Revolution: French Wine for a Flat Belly

For this Flat Belly Revolution: French Wine for a Flat Belly review, I would be summarizing the most important lessons of the book in three points:

  1. All the type of food and ingredients with high polyphenolic and resveratrol content, and how to incorporate them into my every meal preparation.
  1. Wines and foods with high ellagic acid concentration to prevent the development of new fat cells in my body and belly.
  1. Exercises I can do without driving myself into exhaustion.

Advantages of French Wine for a Flat Belly

  • No need to starve: Instead, you would be able to eat healthy food and drinks with a lot of polyphenols and resveratrol, so you are always full and energetic!
  • Easy instructions: The book is pretty much straightforward and clear. Some are even in numbered forms, so you just to follow it step-by-step.
  • Zero risk: There are no weight loss pills to take or difficult exercise to do.

Disadvantages of French Wine for a Flat Belly

  • Digital Copy Only: There are no physical copy published so you need a computer, smartphone, tablet, or kindle to access this book.
  • A Lot of Scientific Explanation: If you’re not interested on the science of the stubborn fat in your body and belly, then you might get bored at the first few chapters, which discusses scientific background of belly fat.


This Flat Belly Revolution: French Wine for a Flat Belly review is meant to help you decide if your $37 would not simply be wasted but considering its content and the positive online testimonials, it seems very worthwhile. Plus, there are three additional e-books that comes with the main book, so it is really informative! So if you want to know the science and the principles behind stubborn belly fat and eventually the steps how to shed it off using natural products, this book may really be for you.

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