Your First Trip To Europe


Most people think they should visit all of Europe attractions in one go. This type of thinking puts pressure on you, and might stress you out during your vacation instead of enjoying the trip. Don’t just go to popular places you’ve seen on TV or heard from friends and families. You must visit the places that truly interest you.  If you miss something, remember that you can always visit those places the next time you come back to Europe.


Planning is integral so you won’t miss the best part of your trip. Make sure you have a logbook where you put your entire itinerary, so that you wouldn’t have to waste energy and time on just one place.


Remember that you will be going to a whole new place with different people, culture, and tradition. With this situation, it would be best if you know a little bit of the basic words with the languages of the countries in Europe that you will visit. At least learn “hello,” “goodbye,” “please,” and “thank you.”

Accommodation and dining

Make sure you wont stay in an American chain hotel. You did not travel that far to be at the same place. Experience the real hotels in Europe and get a feel of how it is to be in an old European hotel. IF you want to grab something to eat, do not eat in an American food chain as well. You must have a taste of the specialty in the country that you visit. Also, do not eat in restaurants that offers menu for tourists. They will charge bigger.

Other things to remember

Make sure you travel light and bring only the basic necessities, like clothes, clean under wears, etc. You can also bring your ATM or credit card.  Make sure you inform your bank that you will be using the ATM and credit card in another country. Do not forget your camera too, memories are very important.