Getting Fit with Rick Kaself’s Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

It is important to become healthy both mentally and physically. By doing  exercises even simple stretching plays an important role  in keeping oneself fit. It also helps the body to also recover from previous injuries quickly. Thus, this Unlock Your Hip Flexors review will discuss all aspects of the product to help you in deciding to purchase this product to make sure that your money is not wasted.

Nevertheless, everyone is seeking for possible options on how to live comfortably like living without pain. However, the product is not a daily life routine but this might help a lot of people to stay fit and healthy. Staying in good shape helps someone to gain more confidence and can enhance self-esteem.

Who is Rick Kaself?

It is important to know the background of the author because the product owner is a much better reflection of how good the product is. Rick Kaself as the author of Unlock Your Hip Flexors has many titles such as M.S. (Exercise Science), B. Sc. Kinesiology), PK, CPT, CEP, and CES. This is the reason why his expertise is on exercise rehabilitation and fitness which also involved in educating and training people who had previous accident like car and sport accidents.

Most importantly, the program he created was the result of his thorough research from his previous studies including the hands-on testing and training. His fitness and rehab industry started in1994 which helped a lot of people. To prove his expertise, he spent 16 years on hands-on experience in working with clients like sharing his techniques and programs to fitness professionals. Aside from being an author, he was a speaker and was given over 260 presentations to more than 5,000 fitness professionals across the US & Canada.

Get to know the benefits of Unlock Your Hip Flexors

The product is designed to provide solution to the common problem on lower back and hip pain. It gives vitality and strength that can help loosen hip flexors immediately in order to improve health.  Most importantly, it does not only promote weight loss, but also enhances strength and increases energy. Particularly, it improves hip flexor’s mobility and strength.

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Apparently, it aims to reduce and eliminate pain naturally in the back, legs and hips. It explains that people who sit down the whole day especially at work will make the muscle become tight. As a result, the blood flow will decrease on the lower back including the circulation through the hips which causes pain and discomfort. Additionally, sitting down the whole day is considered as one of the top health risks.

How does Unlock Your Hip Flexors work?  

Simple Tasks

The program is intended for everyone who loves to become physically fit. It will not stress or force someone especially for the beginners.  Particularly, it teaches how to loosen up muscles by allowing to feel and look better by practicing the basic tasks that will help do more progress to movements. Afterwards, it allows someone to do more complicated movements. On the other hand, the program includes the following:

  • It is stored in a DVD with 10 exercises with comprehensible explanation on how to do the daily routines. Also, for further guidelines it has a 63 pages manual with pictures to serve as an illustration on how to learn the proper technique of the exercises.
  • The program offers bonus which consists of Unlock Your Hamstring. The hamstrings are used in walking, running and jumping, and are prone to tearing like the hip flexor muscle or “psoas”.
  • Another bonus of the program is the 7 day Anti-Inflammatory Diet. Primarily, food plays an important role in the body. Likewise, eating the right food will eliminate inflammation in the body. There are foods that are known to have their anti-inflammatory properties which can promote natural healing. Therefore, the program will also give knowledge on the importance of meal planning.

Does the program provide benefits or is it a scam?

Generally, a lot of people confirmed that the program greatly improved their overall health by allowing the hip flexors and body back into gear because it is the most practical and easiest way to instantly release hip flexors for more strength and energy. Besides, it targets the primary muscle responsible for tight hip flexors.

A lot of Unlock Your Hip Flexors reviews confirmed that the effects depend on the lifestyle, commitment and determination of the person. This program takes time to get flexible and to unlock tight flexors. Hence, to reach for the goal one should be patient and spend short periods of time everyday by doing the exercises. Consequently, after 3 weeks of determination and persistence one can feel the benefit of the program.

The program offered is not a scam. In fact, there are positive feedback that can be read online.

What do people say on the product?

There are positive feedbacks from the people who benefited from the program. There are a lot of testimonials and hundreds of positive reviews discussed online on the different benefits of  the Unlock Your Hip Flexors. In fact, the customers who testified on the benefits of the program were professionals, therapists and even ordinary people who also believed the benefits of the program.

Moreover, these are the examples of testimonials by satisfied customers of the product.

Customer Testimonial #1: Thomas Mcgowan who is a retired Marketing Executive from Dublin, Ireland  had terrific experience of using the program. He is 71 years old and a golf enthusiast but was suffering from sciatica type which is a type of pain on the left hip. He was thankful to the program because he can just follow the daily routine daily and now he is totally free of hip pain. 

Customer Testimonial #2: Shelley Watson a retired Executive Assistance from Carmel, California had testified that the exercises on the program had changed her life. She had suffered the pain for 15 years and worst was last 2 years. The information and instruction in the video was a blessing.

Customer Testimonial #3: Ted Phipps a Computer Consultant from Washington, DC when he was doing the routines on the first week, his pain on the hips was gone. He can also do the exercises at his station especially during the morning. He appreciated the exercises on the program. He used the tablet in downloading the videos of routines. He added that the program and the daily exercises can be done together with balance and weight lifting.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying the product 


Some people think that being fit is expensive. The program offers low prices. The products will allow someone to be physically fit without doing it in the gym. Additionally, there is no need to buy expensive workout equipment. The exercises and daily routines can be done as long as there is a wall for support. Yet, the techniques in the program will only take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

The product is unique because it teaches about the benefits of loosening the hip flexor muscles or commonly as “psoas” that leads to belly fat loss, more energy and better sexual performance.

Most importantly,  the program helped a lot of people to eliminate lower back and hip pain and facilitated them to become a better person by improving their strength, mobility and flexibility.


Since the product is in digital format, not all people can appreciate and comfortable with digital format. Also, the product might not be effective to other people because of lack of determination.

How to avail the product and how much does it cost?

The product can be bought on the official website, The original price is $50 but today’s price is $10 only.

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors  Conclusion and Recommendation

Overall, this Unlock Your Hip Flexors review strongly recommends the product to help people get rid of pain naturally. Also, it provides awareness to everyone that stretching and flexibility is important because working out on these exercises will lead to a better performance and decrease risk of injuries which is proven by a lot of people including experts on the positive review of the product.

The program is in digital format, and there are some people who are not comfortable with digital things. The program is a downloadable file that can be viewed only via tablet, smart phone or even a computer. Nevertheless, there should be a strong commitment in availing of the program. If not, the purpose of the program will not be attained.

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