Best Restaurants in Sydney

So, this drifter ended up in Australia, and what better place to start your journey in, if not Sydney? But before we start with the city’s attractions and interesting places to visit, let’s talk  about something far more important, food. That’s right, food – the thing we all like and must have every now and then.

The Best Restaurants in Sydney



For all the fastidious and gourmet fans out there, you will be glad to know that S.Pellegrino chose Tetsuya’s as one of the best restaurants in the entire world. Tetsuya’s is a main attraction for gourmet eating, and people who like to have a long sit at a fancy and super delicious restaurant. The restaurant has an 11 course menu and serves food with a Japanese philosophy in mind. Highly recommend!

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Another must visit. Quay’s food is super healthy, and it said to use the best ingredients possible in every step of the way. The ingredients are super fresh and grow in an organic farm. S.Pellegrino also chose Quay as one of the best 50, and classified their food type as nature-based, one of great culinary delight and magnificent design. Also, highly recommended!

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Another exquisite restaurant with a classic French cuisine, but also a touch of Australian traditional food. Marque’s Chef, Mark Best is known for his creativity and innovation and knows how to spark up every dish to be a sight for soar eyes and a celebration for any stomach. Marque is awarded 3 hats by the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide, and Mark Best was also “Chef of the Year” so be sure you are in good hands when going there. Another gem indeed!

Instagram Can Get you a Free Stay at a Lucrative Hotel

Everybody knows what Instagram is, and what it can do for your business. When i go traveling, i always use Instagram to share my experiences, and to show my close circles the world through my eyes. Little did i know that my Instagram account can grant me a free one night stay at a very lucrative hotel! Here is the deal – the 1888 Hotel has launched a cool promotion that shakes things up in the hoteliery world. Turns out, that if you have an Instagram account with more than 10,000 followers, you can one night at the 1888 for free!


This promotions stirred up hype in the recently weeks and will probably start a new trend. Think about it – you wouldn’t have known that the 1888 hotel even existed if it wasn’t for their promotion. Now, travelers might even take a detour just to say: Hey, i stayed at a luxurious place for free just because i have followers on my Instagram account! Integrating socials leads from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the likes are always a good idea for a business. Think about how many people will drop by the Hotel, and take pictures and hype the place up!

About the 1888 Hotel

The hotel itself is located in Pyrmont, Sydney. A regular room costs roughly $150 for a night, and it can range up to $400 for the suites. The hotel itself is of the utmost quality, and is designed superbly with Photo sharing properties in mind. If you are not convinced just yet, take a look at this picture:


Yes, to answer your next question, i did stay the the 1888 for a night. In fact, i stayed for 3 nights, because it was so damn good. If you are looking to travel to Australia, then you are most likely, and definitely should visit Sydney as well. It only makes sense that you stop by the 1888 if you happen to have an active Instagram account and a bunch of people who think you are interesting, god knows why. If you happen to visit Sydney, definitely check out the best restaurants in Sydney. You’re welcome!